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Stranger Things

TV Review:  Stranger Things   About   Four young boys in a quiet ordinary town realize how strange Hawkins really is, when one of them goes missing. Will, the more quiet friend of the group is now stuck in what is called “the upside down”. With no idea how to retrieve their missing friend, the … Continue reading Stranger Things

Pretty Little Liars

TV Review:  Pretty Little Liars   About   Rosewood’s group of teenage “it” girls are devastated when the group’s leader becomes a missing person, and presumed to be dead. However, after the funeral the group starts to receive threats and becomes blackmailed by the mysterious, “A”. With more plot twist and drama than you could … Continue reading Pretty Little Liars

TV Review: The Flash

V Review: The Flash   About   Barry Allen is the fastest man alive, who is now dedicated to protecting the city and people he loves. Barry was struck by lightning, giving him super human strength, healing abilities, and most importantly insane speed. The series is about DC comic’s beloved hero, The Flash and how he … Continue reading TV Review: The Flash

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