Pretty Little Liars

TV Review:  Pretty Little Liars




Rosewood’s group of teenage “it” girls are devastated when the group’s leader becomes a missing person, and presumed to be dead. However, after the funeral the group starts to receive threats and becomes blackmailed by the mysterious, “A”. With more plot twist and drama than you could imagine in a teenager’s life, these girls must pair the growing pains of adolescence with the paranoia of having an all knowing stalker. The gang must pretend to lead an ordinary life while trying to figure out once and for all, who the “A” that has been making their lives miserable is.




If teenage drama and cliff hangers are your niche, then you will love this series. Nothing is at seems, and can be unpredictable with every single episode. Though the cast is playing high school students, this show is on the more mature side, so it is not meant for family.




There is barely much diversity in the leading cast , although there are few minorities that make several appearances in each episode. This show is not the best for representation.

Incluvie Rating; +1



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