Stranger Things

TV Review:  Stranger Things




Four young boys in a quiet ordinary town realize how strange Hawkins really is, when one of them goes missing. Will, the more quiet friend of the group is now stuck in what is called “the upside down”. With no idea how to retrieve their missing friend, the boys befriend “Eleven”, an odd young girl with a shaved head who has telekinetic capabilities. The gang must depend on each other in order to save Will, and learn about the secrets deep within Hawkins.  



With a sci-fi thriller feel, “Stranger Things” will have viewers wondering what happens next. Add in a bit of dry humor and the beloved personalities of each character, and the series is a hit.



Only one of the main characters on the show is a minority, but there are a few other less important actors who add to the bit of diversity in the cast.

Incluvie Rating; +2



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