TV Review: Dear White People



Dear White People follows the lives of young African-American college students navigating their way through a predominantly white Ivy League school. The series is a spin off from the motion film of the same title. The main character is Sam, a bi-racial young woman who identifies more with her African-American culture, than white. The series sheds light on many social issues, and how minorities operate in a world challenges their existence.



If people use humor is a coping method for dealing with tough issues, then this show would be enjoyable for them. The show has light hearted moments to outweigh the heavier issues discussed, and of course romantic relationships are discussed. Overall this is a show that would be better appreciated by a more liberal and young audience.


Most of the cast on the show is African-American, with a few Caucasian cast members who have semi significant roles. However, minorities of other races do not have a heavy rotation on the show, so some may not see it as inclusive.

Incluvie Rating; +4


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