TV Review: The Flash

V Review: The Flash




Barry Allen is the fastest man alive, who is now dedicated to protecting the city and people he loves. Barry was struck by lightning, giving him super human strength, healing abilities, and most importantly insane speed. The series is about DC comic’s beloved hero, The Flash and how he fights villains while simultaneously maintaining a normal identity as CSI agent Barry Allen.



Anyone who enjoys superheroes or is a fan of the DC universe would love this show. A change from overly childish superhero shows, but still light hearted, this series is easy to become a fan of. Most people fall in love with the main character Barry Allen, because of his boy next door persona.



On this show there is a representation of everyone. With a mixture of all races in the leading cast, and also within characters who make several appearances. The Flash shows representation of many different people, and is a refreshing change from regular castings.

Incluvie Rating; +5



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