The Princess and the Frog

You can dream and wish all you want, but making your dreams come true takes hard work, and gumption. Communicating this to kids in a warm way is important, and The Princess and the Frog, with Oprah Winfrey as Eudora, mother of the princess Tiana, (Noni Rose) does just that. It’s an animated Disney film in which Oprah makes the pretty garments the princess wears and teaches her how to find love and happiness. The announcement of when the princess makes the decision to kiss the frog and break the evil witches’ ugly spell, comes with the voice of Oprah, in a warm and kind manner. The frog is then transformed into a handsome prince, and he and Oprah’s daughter then live happily ever after. It’s a wonderful fairy tale made lively and real thru African American voice and culture, with Oprah Winfrey is a starring role.

Oprah as Eudora, Mother of The Princess Tatiana

Incluvie Diversity Rating +5

Incluvie Rating Defined: +5 is excellent for people of color, 0 has no POC, and -5 is harmful or hateful towards POC.

Review by Michael Ashworth of Northeastern University.

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